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GIS data distribution information


The purpose of the GIS Download Library is to provide the public and government agencies access to the St. Johns River Water Management District’s GIS data in a structured format. The district periodically updates the GIS Download Library as new data becomes available or as changes are made to existing data.

Data is provided “as is.” The district does not fulfill custom processing requests, such as conversion to DXF or projection change.

Data layers

The data index table lists all data included in the GIS Download Library. Each entry in the table has three links:

  1. The Layer Name link: the metadata for each data layer. A metadata file is also included with the downloadable data files.
  2. The Layer Snapshot link (the GIF symbol): a snapshot depicting the extent and complexity of the data layer.
  3. The “Download @” link: the location of the downloadable data.
Data format

Data are provided as shapefiles or images (rasters). Shapefiles are provided in .zip files, which can be unzipped using the WinZip utility. Image files are in JPEG, GeoTIFF, MrSID, or JPEG2000 format.

Map projection

2009 orthophotography is projected to Florida State Plane Coordinate System Zones, map units feet. All other GIS data is in UTM Zone 17 NAD83-90 (HARN), map units meters.

Map tiles

Simple vector datasets are not tiled (clipped into smaller subsets). Large vector data sets are tiled by county.

2009 orthophotography is tiled using the 5,000 x 5,000 foot statewide tiling scheme; all tiles for a given county are assembled into a single zip file. Other imagery datasets, including the Digital Raster Graphics (scanned USGS maps), each have a different tiling scheme; the index for each imagery layer is located in the same download directory as the data set.

Common tiling schemes include the following:

Please direct any questions, including those related to bulk imagery distribution via external hard drive, to


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