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Consumptive use permit (CUP)
applicant’s handbook
(pre-Aug. 14, 2014)



Main Document

132 pages
(includes selected appendices as indicated below)

Appendix A

Chapter 40C-1: Organization and Procedure

   Appendix B »

Chapter 40C-2: Permitting of Consumptive Uses of Water

Chapter 40C-20: Standard General Water Use Permits

Chapter 40C-21: The Water Shortage Plan

Chapter 40C-22: Noticed General Permits For Consumptive Uses

Chapter 40C-23: Water Resource Caution Area

   Appendix C »

Form No. 40C-2.0590-2: Water Audit Form and Instructions for Completing Form

Form No. RDS-50: Notice to District of Dewatering Activity

Appendix D

Sample Consumptive Use Permit
(included in Main Document file)

Appendix E

Chapter 62-40, F.A.C., State Water Policy
(link to Florida Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] site)

Appendix F

Guidelines for Conducting an Aquifer Performance Testing Program
(included in Main Document file)

Appendix G

Sample Condition Compliance Forms

Appendix H

Modified Blaney-Criddle Formula
(included in Main Document file)

Appendix I

Water Saving Measures for Water Conservation Plans
(included in Main Document file)

Appendix J

Alternatives to In-Line Flow Meters for Measuring Water Use
(included in Main Document file)

Appendix K

Chapter 40C-8: Minimum Flows and Levels

Appendix L

Legal Description Central Florida Coordination Area of the St. Johns River Water Management District
(included in Main Document file)

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