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Water bodies, watersheds and storm water

Indian River Lagoon Protection Initiative

Meet the Technical Team

Name:Bob Chamberlain

Title:Environmental Scientist VI


  • Master of Science, Natural Resources, Humboldt State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, California Polytechnic University


Chamberlain has been with the district since October 2008, special­izing in research to assess the health of estuarine and freshwater systems by studying and monitoring water quality, drift macroalgae, seagrass, benthic macroinvertebrates, phytoplankton and zooplankton. During his career, Chamberlain has helped develop and evaluate multidisciplinary monitoring plans for large-scale restoration projects.

Primary Initiative Responsibility:

Chamberlain contributes to the research conducted in the Indian River Lagoon Algal Blooms Investigation. His duties include overseeing a project that examines the response of drift macroalgae to salinity, temperature and light, participating in experimental transplanting of seagrass, and contributing to the synthesis of the results of the investigation.

Name:Lauren Hall

Title:Environmental Scientist III


  • Master of Science, Ecology, Florida Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science, Marine Biology, Florida Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science, Aquaculture, Florida Institute of Technology


Hall has been with the district since January 1998, specializing in seagrass mapping and technical report writing.

Primary Initiative Responsibility:

Hall oversees the Indian River Lagoon field-sampling program. Her duties include analyzing seagrass data, monitoring water quality and studying the impact of drift macro­algae on seagrass density.

Name:David Hornsby

Title:Environmental Resource Program Manager


  • Doctorate, Soil and Water Science, University of Florida
  • Master of Science, Soil and Water Science, University of Florida
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, University of Florida


Dr. Hornsby has been with the district since April 2007, specializing in water supply planning, water quality monitoring, spring monitoring, surface water and groundwater interactions, water quality sampling network design, statistical analysis and data management.

Primary Initiative Responsibility:

Dr. Hornsby oversees the district’s field-sampling programs. His duties include overseeing water quality monitoring, continuous water quality monitors and biological monitoring.

Name:Chuck Jacoby

Title:Supervising Environmental Scientist


  • Doctorate of Philosophy, Biological Sciences, Stanford University
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Western Australia
  • Master of Science, Biological Sciences, Illinois State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences, Illinois State University


Dr. Jacoby has been with the district since January 2009, and he special­izes in designing, implementing, interpreting and translating science into management of aquatic resources. He has worked in fresh­water, estuarine, coastal and deepwater marine systems in the United States, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand. His publications and technical reports address the ecological and environ­mental importance of sediments, water quality, benthic microalgae, freshwater submerged aquatic vegetation, seagrasses, spring-fed systems, saltmarshes, macroalgae, plankton, meiofauna, macroinvertebrates and fish.

Primary Initiative Responsibility:

Dr. Jacoby is the lead scientist for the Algal Blooms Investigation. His duties include overseeing the 11 projects that make up the investigation and leading work to synthesize the results of these studies into guidance for management actions.

Name:Lori Morris

Title:Environmental Scientist IV


  • Master of Science, Marine Science, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary
  • Bachelor of Science, Geology, University of North Carolina at Wilmington


Morris came to the district in August 1992. She specializes in the ecology of seagrass habitats in estuarine systems. During her career, she standard­ized the protocols for monitoring fixed seagrass transects throughout the lagoon and measuring light as part of the water quality monitoring network, and managing the data for both of these long-term projects.

Primary Initiative Responsibility:

Morris provides data and analytical support pertaining to seagrass and drift macroalgae. Her duties include managing the feasibility project for transplanting seagrass, semi-annual mapping for drift macroalgae, and supports team investigations on light and muck data.


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