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Water bodies, watersheds and storm water

Status of Keystone Heights lakes projects

The St. Johns River Water Management District is working to protect and maintain water levels regionally in the Floridan aquifer and locally in the lakes of the Keystone Heights region. The district has been involved in numerous projects and studies to better understand the lakes and their dramatic fluctuation in water levels.

Numerous projects are under way or have been completed in north Florida to help meet current and long-term water supply needs for the region and to protect and maintain springs, lakes and wetlands.

Land Application and Recovery Site — In February 2016 Clay County Utility Authority (CCUA) completed the Land Application and Recovery Site, consisting of a series of surficial aquifer infiltration basins and a subsurface collection system. The purpose of this system is to store and treat excess reclaimed water from the Miller Street Plant that would otherwise be discharged into the St. Johns River. In addition, supplementing the reclaimed water system will decrease groundwater withdrawals. Reclaimed water will be introduced into infiltration basins and percolate into the surficial aquifer at the higher elevations of the site, allowing water to be stored in the soils beneath the site. Subsurface movement of this water will continue down slope to be recaptured by an earthen subsurface collection system and horizontal well. Recaptured water will be used to supplement the reclaimed water system.

Stormwater Harvesting — CCUA is implementing a stormwater harvesting pilot project to field-test the concept or harvesting storm water via horizontal wells to supplement the CCUA reclaimed water system during times of high demand.

Lowry Lake Pilot Project — Data analysis was completed in October 2013 and provided information to assess the potential effects of “new water” being introduced to the Etonia chain of lakes. An Oct. 3 technical memorandum provides a summary of the information gained from the pilot test.

Alligator Creek Maintenance Activities — Cooperative Agreement with Clay County. Liquid Solutions Group completed a project in May 2014 to identify and implement management activities and strategies that would improve the flow of water in Alligator Creek from West Lake to Lake Brooklyn. Clay County, under a cooperative agreement with the district, completed maintenance activities within the creek in the fall of 2015 within the creek areas located on Camp Blanding’s Military Reservation from Treat Road to the property boundary, to improve the flow in the creek.

Minimum Flows and Levels (MFLs) for lakes Brooklyn and Geneva — Current activity includes development of a new statistical method to modify the MFL analysis to better reflect the hydrology of sandhill lakes.

Well Conversion Project — Grandin Sand Plant — The district is partnering with Vulcan Materials Co. at its 1,131-acre Grandin sand mining facility in northwestern Putnam County. The mine has held a consumptive use permit for more than 30 years and currently uses water from the Upper Floridan aquifer to process sand and maintain water levels in its dredge lake, as well as for typical domestic water use for employees and minor landscape irrigation. A public-private partnership, this project will help meet future water demands and offset impacts from domestic self-supply wells in north Florida by moving the plant's groundwater withdrawals from the Upper Floridan aquifer to the Lower Floridan aquifer. In addition, data will be collected from a new monitoring well — the first Lower Floridan aquifer monitoring well in Putnam County.


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