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STEM and education

The Great Water OdysseySM

Water park on hold sign

Fifth-grade curriculum

As Raleigh Otter says, when the townspeople use their water resources wisely while conserving and reusing, Olliewood is a great place to live. This will be even truer if Olliewood can build a water park in the fifth-grade version of The Great Water OdysseySM. But first Hydro and Agua will need the help of farmers, residents and the mayor of Olliewood.

While trying to get enough points to build a water park, students learn about the biology of farming and landscaping, they reinforce math skills, and they learn to meet the needs of a town while maintaining water levels necessary to support natural systems. Rewarding games include Design a Landscape, Water’s Journey and Watering Woes.

Doc Mouse

Water in the community

Mayor Ollie is in a bind. Olliewood is growing and its residents wants to build a water park, but the mayor needs to find ways to ensure that there is enough water for everyone. Hydro, Agua and a mouse named Doc step in to help. They get a lesson in civics and leave clues around town for students to find that help the mayor plan for the future.

Waterwise landscaping

Francois the Caterpillar is surprised when Hydro and Agua transpire into the garden where he lives. The waterdrops are happy to learn that it’s a waterwise garden, where factors such as rainfall, soil type, plants’ water requirements and responsible landscaping are used to determine what plants go where. Francois is more than happy to give them a colorful tour.

Betty Moo

Down on the farm

Farming is an important industry in Florida, and Hydro and Agua are proud to learn how important water is in farming. After Hydro realizes Betty Moo the Cow isn’t out to drink or step on him, he explores her farm through an interactive map and learns the complex science behind agriculture.

If they succeed, our fun-loving waterdrops may never be bored again. They’ll be water heroes and may even get to name the new water park!

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