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STEM and education

The Great Water OdysseySM


Third-grade curriculum

You might need your sunglasses, a swimsuit or a parka for your adventures in the third-grade version of The Great Water OdysseySM.

As students proceed through the program, they learn about water and how to conserve it. As they collect points, they unlock quizzes and fun games, such as the Cloud Game, Concentration Game and Standard System Measurement Game.

The water cycle

Meet Hydro, a somewhat naive waterdrop who is looking for his wayward waterdrop cousin, Agua. Following Agua’s clues leads him on a tumbling journey through the water cycle. Then Raleigh Otter teaches us more about the water cycle with an interactive view of a watershed that shows us how waterdrops like Hydro move through it.

States of matter

Following Agua’s lead, Hydro freezes and melts, changing between several states of matter. Along the way, we learn how heat and cold impact the water cycle. Hot on Agua’s trail, Hydro evaporates and lands in a cloud, where a clue from Agua sends him on a geographic quest, exploring watersheds in Florida, North America and the world.

Gallon and Quart

What’s a gallon

In Alice the Alligator’s kitchen, Hydro meets a quart and gallon that teach him about standard measurements. Hydro is impressed, but eager to find his cousin. An interactive display allows us to search Alice’s kitchen, finding tips for conserving water in the home and interesting facts about how much water is found in different foods and the human body.

Flushes and flows

Hydro nearly caught Agua in the water treatment process, but lost her through a leaky pipe. After avoiding being rinsed down Ramon the Raccoon’s sink, a friendly toothbrush listens as Hydro describes the wonders of water treatment. Then, with Ramon’s help, Hydro shows us how water gets to a house through a well or public water supply system and how water leaves through a sewer or septic system. We learn valuable conservation tips along the way.

Will Hydro ever find Agua? Explore The Great Water OdysseySM to find out.

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