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Water conservation

Water conservation technical assistance

St. Johns River Water Management District staff provide technical assistance to water supply utilities, local governments and other entities on a wide range of water conservation activities.

Preparation of public supply goal-based water conservation plans

Goal-based water conservation plans focus primarily on the implementation of best management practices (BMPs). BMPs are actions for which the amount of water use reduction can be measured, such as with plumbing fixture retrofits. The District recommends that a goal-based water conservation plan include a system audit; an analysis of existing water use; water use reduction goals; selection of conservation BMPs and measures to be implemented; timelines; and budgets. The water use reduction goals set forth in the plan will be unique to each utility, depending on its current water use patterns and projected future demand. The circumstances of the utility will determine which conservation BMPs and measures are economically feasible and desirable to implement.

The District can assist in the completion of an analysis of existing water use. For utilities, the District uses its Water Conservation Linear Programming Tool that utilizes account-level utility billing data and county property appraisal data to perform a highly detailed level of analysis which results in identification of the most effective water conservation efforts and expenditures. An alternative version of this tool also is available to utilities who are unable or prefer not to use account level data. Either of these tools can be used to develop a business case (reduced cost and payback period) for reducing water use and lowering monthly water bills for customers.

For more information on goal-based water conservation plans, contact Don Brandes at (386) 329‑4126 or Max Castaneda can provide more information on the District’s Water Conservation Linear Programming Tool and water conservation analysis at (386) 329‑4588 or

Preparation of water conservation ordinances

Staff assistance

District staff can provide assistance in the preparation of water conservation ordinances. The District has prepared a model water conservation ordinance for landscape irrigation. This ordinance implements the District’s watering restrictions contained in Rule 40C-2.042​(2), Florida Administrative Code.

The 2004 Florida Legislature directed the water management districts to work with interested parties to develop land­scape irrigation and Florida-Friendly design standards for new construction. Local governments should use the standards and guidelines (2006) when developing landscape irrigation and Florida-friendly ordinances. Similarly, in January 2009, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the University of Florida published a resource document entitled, “Florida-Friendly Landscape Guidance Models for Ordinances, Covenants, and Restrictions.”

The 2009 Florida Legislature directed DEP to create a model ordinance to implement Section 373.62, Florida Statutes, regarding the installation, maintenance and operation of sensing devices on automatic landscape irrigation systems. A Model Irrigation Controller Ordinance was prepared by DEP on Dec. 14, 2009.

For more the information on the preparation of water conservation ordinances, contact a District intergovernmental coordinator based upon your geographic location.

New and innovative technologies and practices

District staff continuously research and document new and innovative water conservation technologies and practices. New technology may originate from water utility operation; commercial, industrial, institutional or agricultural water users; or may originate from advancements or ideas in other fields that can be transferred to water conservation.

Contact Max Castaneda at (386) 329‑4588 or for innovative concepts related to water use data management. Contact Castaneda or Don Brandes at (386) 329‑4126 or to discuss other types of innovative technology or practices.

Utility rate survey

In 2014, the District prepared a detailed report of utility billing for all public utilities within the District. For more information about this report, contact Don Brandes at (386) 329‑4126 or


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