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Water conservation
Water conservation pledge: Shut off the water when brushing my teeth


The St. Johns River Water Management District is all about water, and water has an added focus during April — Water Conservation Month. For Water Conservation Month 2017, we are challenging ourselves and the public to make a pledge to save water and safeguard our future water supplies.

Please join us and register your water pledge below. We’ll share pledges on this page. Then, find more ways to save water by visiting our water conservation web pages.


  • Brandy H., Volusia County

    I pledge to conserve water by making sure my daughter isn't in the shower for 45 minutes!

  • Linda O., Putnam County

    I pledge to turn off the water while brushing my teeth. I also do not water my lawn.

  • Dianne M., Brevard County

    I am going to look into a rain barrel.

  • Marianella P., Orange County

    I pledge to take short daily showers.

  • Maggie D., Volusia County

    I pledge to conserve water by checking my sprinkler system on a regular basis to be sure it's not watering the driveway or sidewalk.

  • Michele V., Duval County

    I am cutting down my shower times and fixed my leaky faucet!

  • Carrie M., Clay County

    To use less water on the yard. To plant flowers and bushes that require less water.

  • Nick A., Seminole County

    I pledge to install water saving showerheads.

  • Dr. Ann Shortelle

    Rip out sod and replace with mulch to reduce irrigation.

  • Beth H., Putnam County

    I pledge to conserve water by washing my car on the grass, getting two benefits with one action.

  • Tiffany C., Duval County

    I pledge to turn off the water while brushing my teeth.

  • Danielle S., Seminole County

    I pledge to conserve water by giving my dog a bath outdoors in grassy areas in need of water.

  • Matt O., Alachua County

    I will only run the dishwasher when it is full

  • Teresa M., Duval County

    I pledge to conserve water by following the water conservation rule outdoors and by only washing full loads of laundry or dishes.


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