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Water conservation

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A landscape example

Following is an example of how a landscape might look when plantings are organized according to site conditions, using the principals of waterwise landscaping.

1.  Our drought-tolerant zone next to the driveway has mulch and low-water shrubs. This zone continues along the length of the house and eliminates watering, mowing and edging chores in low-use areas. Shrubs serve as a buffer to the northern neighbor and as camouflage for the storage area.

2.  Our turf area in the backyard is located in the landscape’s lowest spot, which is an area where water naturally collects. Alternatives to grass include mulched walkways, a deck or a screened patio, which don’t need water and reduce landscape maintenance chores.

3.  In the practical turf area, drought-tolerant ground covers and shrubs hug the back. These plants give privacy to our patio and deck while providing shade, and they are water-efficient.

4.  Native vegetation, including drought-tolerant shrubbery, is used in the side yard. This further reduces watering and maintenance.

5.  In the front yard, like that in the back, a practical turf area is round in shape to reduce its perimeter, making it easier to maintain. Long, narrow strips of grass are hard to irrigate efficiently. A brick walkway, border grass and a mulched flowerbed further reduce watering and edging chores and add colorful accents.

Example landscape plan diagram


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