Prescribed fire today at Bayard Conservation Area in Clay County

District staff getting ready for prescribed burn

PALATKA, Fla., Feb. 23, 2018 — The St. Johns River Water Management District is conducting a 30-acre controlled burn Friday at the Bayard Conservation Area in Clay County. The purpose of the burn is hazardous fuel reduction, ecological enhancement of Bartram’s ixia, a rare wildflower endemic to northeast Florida, and general ecological maintenance.

Prescribed fire is the use of carefully planned fire purposefully set under stringent conditions to control the fire’s effects. Its benefits include restoring and maintaining natural communities, reducing chances of destructive wildfires, perpetuating fire-adapted plants and animals, cycling nutrients, controlling tree diseases, and opening scenic vistas. Prescribed fires help prevent wildfires by burning off fuels that naturally build up over time, while also helping to control the growth of woody shrubs.

Before conducting a burn, the district ensures wind and other weather conditions are correct for controlling the fire and minimizing the impacts of smoke to residents and traffic.