Mark Crosby:

Helping solve problems drives engineer’s passion for his work

Growing up and working on a cattle ranch gave Mark Crosby first-hand experience of large drainage systems and how they function.

“This interested me and I was able to pursue this interest as a young man during summer and holiday intern work on the ranch. This work later inspired me to pursue a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Florida,” Crosby says.

Today, as an engineer with the St. Johns River Water Management District’s Bureau of Environmental Resource Regulation, he is responsible for ensuring developments have stormwater management systems that protect Florida’s water quality and promote flood water storage. He also inspects the system after being built to ensure they work as permitting, and works with the public to respond to inquiries and complaints about flooding or water quality issues.

Through his work, he embraces finding solutions to problems, often working through ambiguous situations with limited information. He says, “Overcoming obstacles with a well-engineered design is rewarding on a professional level and promotes teamwork.” It’s exciting, he says to determine the cause of a problem and find a solution, and successfully navigating challenges and responding with recommendations that solves the problem in a manner that pleases all parties involved is the desired outcome.

When it comes to pursuing a career in STEM, Crosby says he would tell students to go for it. “We need individuals in our society who can learn and use science and technology to solve the increasingly complicated issues that we are facing.”