Sara Driggers:

Staffer helps keep information flowing smoothly and efficiently

Each day, thousands of data points and documents filter through the St. Johns River Water Management District before arriving at the correct department. On the surface, it’s a seamless, automated process that captures and routes the information. But dig deeper and you’ll find it takes a lot of work to ensure correct operation.

It’s up to Sara Driggers to help capture that information and ensure it’s delivered to the correct area.

Behind the scenes, while Driggers worked in the Office of Information Technology she supported the infrastructure for Kofax Capture software, which captures, indexes and validates important information before transforming it into a digital format. Of her former work she shares that, “Automation is key in today’s rapidly changing and electronic world. The more we can automate tasks and create electronic documents, the more time and money we are saving.”

Formerly as an Application Developer Associate with the Information Technology team, Driggers helped employees use and troubleshoot Kofax and other software, as well as implementing new modules that allow the district to better serve the public.

With a degree in Business Administration, she was inspired to return to school for a degree in Computer Information Technology after moving into a more technical position with the district and realizing her growing interest in software. “I continue to learn more and more each day. The more I learn, the more helpful I become to staff. Being helpful and having happy customers are what excites me about my job.”

With this experience, she’s moved into a new career with the district as a project manager in the Bureau of Project Management.

Having discovered a career that brings new challenges daily and allows her to work on a team she loves, Driggers would encourage others to keep reaching for their goals, saying that “Obstacles are important because that is how you learn and improve.”