Nate Gargasz:

A love of the outdoors drew environmental scientist to his work

Following his childhood passion for the outdoors, Nate Gargasz pursued studies that appealed to his interest in the natural world.

“The adventure of finding something new was always a thrill; a cool rock, a new fish, or some strange, new bug always made my day. As a kid though, I didn’t know it was called limnology,” he says.

Today, Gargasz’s work in the district’s Bureau of Water Resource Information is as varied as the data his team collects to help develop water quality standards and monitoring criteria.

When you ask him to summarize his job as an environmental scientist you’ll hear a description that reflects his excitement for his career. “My job is rarely boring. I get to visit natural and beautiful places across the district, and I work with a great team of professionals.”

For students who are studying STEM or might be interested in it, he recommends listening to others’ ideas, opinions and stepping outside your comfort zone. He says, “You’d be surprised at what you learn about your field.”