CJ Myers:

Staffer finds job satisfaction in overcoming technology challenges

Technology plays a big role in the work of water managers, and CJ Myers is there to help make sure everyone stays connected.

“When the network is working properly, no one notices. When the network has problems, everyone notices,” he says. The network he refers to is the digital backbone of many of the district’s functions, including permitting, communications, GIS maps, and a multitude of databases.

In his role as Network and Systems Coordinator, Myers is responsible for the operation, maintenance and performance of the district’s network, which spans multiple buildings across different cities. “There are no ‘typical days’ in the IT field. It’s an active job with a good balance of desk work and getting your hands dirty working with technology.”

The mix of work is what he loves about his job, saying, “I love solving problems. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I resolve a complex issue. I love the feeling when I complete an install and everything works as intended.  I love being able to work directly with technology and applying the skills and knowledge I’ve developed over time into making things ‘talk’.”

A childhood interest in computers was solidified by college classes followed by service in the U.S. Army’s Signal Corps, which is like the Army’s technology department. When he came to the district in 2004, Myers was excited to work in networking — a field that had held his interest for years. His passion for his work is clear, especially in advice for current students, saying “You spend about a third of your life at work. Find something you love to do and do it.  No one is going to give you happiness.  It’s up to you to find it.”