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One of the best-known aspects of the St. Johns River Water Management District and its work may be the 737,500 acres of land the district owns throughout its 18-county service area. Purchased in the course of its work to protect and preserve water resources, these lands play a part in the district actively achieving its core missions of water supply, water quality, flood protection and natural systems. In addition, the lands protect plant and wildlife habitat, and provide areas for public recreation and environmental education. We encourage you to visit these individually distinctive properties and see for yourself why they are so special.

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Why we love district lands

District lands offer land manager ‘sense of place’

Selecting which district conservation area is my favorite is a tall order when considering the district has more than 50 to choose from. For me, this consideration comes from the perspective that my position is one of the handful of district staff who have had the opportunity to visit and work on most of the properties the district has acquired over more than a quarter of a century.

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