AWS and water conservation cost-share opportunity

The St. Johns River Water Management District (District) invited all entities with regional alternative water supply (AWS) projects identified in the Central Florida Water Initiative, North Florida Regional Water Supply Partnership, and Central Springs/East Coast Water Supply Planning regions, as well as projects listed in approved MFL Recovery and Prevention Strategies, to submit for cost-share funding opportunities to develop AWS and water conservation projects. Submittals were due by Aug. 7, 2020, for funding consideration.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature approved $40 million in funding for fiscal year 2020-21 for development of water supply and water resource development projects, and the District is requesting submittals for funding consideration of AWS and water conservation projects within the District’s 18-county service area.

Eligible projects for consideration will be construction-ready AWS projects or ready-to-implement water conservation technology programs.

The District will consider the following factors in the selection of AWS projects:

  • Projects that provide regional benefits, including water conservation and water resource development projects.
  • Projects that benefit water bodies with adopted Minimum Flows or Minimum Water Levels, particularly those that are in recovery or prevention.
  • Projects that provide dual benefits to water supply and water quality.
  • Projects with complementary efforts, such as AWS projects that also provide flood protection, or recreational benefits.
  • Cost effectiveness, such as capital costs per 1,000 gallons of water made available.
  • The return on investment, that is, the amount of funding the state grant will leverage by District and/or local cooperators, while recognizing the funding limitations of REDI or other economically disadvantaged communities.

The District’s review process opened July 8, 2020, and closed Aug. 7, 2020, at 4 p.m. Projects may be eligible for up to 50 percent cost-share by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

If you have not already been contacted directly by District staff regarding this funding opportunity but feel you have a suitable project, please email or call project leaders listed on the right.

Lou Donnangelo
Bureau Chief

Mark Brandenburg
Cost-Share Project Manager