Lake Butler Minimum Levels

View of Butler Lake
Man in a canoe
Man standing on a wooden pier
Bird pecking at tall grass

Lake Butler is located in the city of Deltona in Volusia County. Lake Butler is a sandhill lake within the Theresa chain of lakes. It is characterized by sinkhole features and located in a sandy landscape. As opposed to other lakes in the area, several small remnant natural areas still remain around Lake Butler. For the residents who live around and near Lake Butler, it is an important recreational resource and wildlife habitat area, providing opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing and wildlife viewing.

The St. Johns River Water Management District’s MFLs approach involves two separate but interrelated components: 1) MFLs Determination and 2) MFLs Assessment. The first involves determining a minimum hydrologic regime necessary to protect relevant water resource values. The second involves comparing this MFLs condition to a current-pumping condition to determine the current status of the MFLs. The overall process involves a comprehensive analysis of ecological, recreational and hydrological information, all of which will undergo independent scientific peer review. The minimum hydrologic regime, based on the most constraining environmental criterion determined for Lake Butler, will be the basis for water supply permitting in the area.

The Lake Butler MFLs determination is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020. The draft MFLs report and appendices, including the surface water model report, are provided below. Independent scientific peer review has occurred for the Lake Butler surface water model and MFLs report. These documents are also provided below.