Message from Dr. Ann Shortelle

Data and monitoring inform District’s decision-making, aid partners and the public

January 24, 2020

Every year, St. Johns River Water Management District staff collect more than 16 million bits of data that we and our partners use in multiple ways to help protect Florida’s water and natural resources. The data collected through monitoring and sampling are also available to the public through our District website.

Data are the foundation for the District’s science-based decision-making, touching every facet of our work. Data drive the agency’s decisions on water supply projects, protecting the health of surface water bodies and groundwater, managing flood control structures and issuing consumptive use permits. The results of our continuous monitoring also help us make sound decisions regarding the future uses of our precious water supply.

Our data collection operations include operating and maintaining nearly 1,600 hydrologic surface and groundwater monitoring stations, providing details on groundwater levels in wells, surface water levels in lakes and wetlands, rainfall amounts and stream and springs discharges. In 2019 alone, our staff collected 79,000 water quality field data values, took more than 6,000 water quality samples and conducted more than 247,000 lab analyses.

These data are primarily collected to further the District’s work, but we also share information with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other agencies, local governments and partners, as well as interested stakeholder groups. Making the information available on our website is just one of the many ways we strive to keep the public informed about our work.

Thank you to our staff who work diligently to collect, verify, process and store this information. It has far-reaching and long-lasting impacts. And, thank you for your interest in our work. I invite you to visit

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