Division’s efforts enhance consistent, coordinated work of the District

June 11, 2020

Collage of district reports and documents
Reports published by the District document its work, goals and successes.

Regular reporting of our work to protect water resources is one way the St. Johns River Water Management District ensures transparency in all we do. Staff in our Division of Strategic Planning and Initiatives are among those acting behind-the-scenes to ensure ongoing coordination of the many planning and reporting documents outlining goals, reporting results and guiding our steps forward.

As an environmental regulatory agency accountable to the public, the District is responsible for developing and updating numerous documents each year that guide our work and assist local, regional and state partners.

The Division of Strategic Planning and Initiatives is focused on identifying and facilitating efforts districtwide, acting as a bridge to link together multi-program efforts. An example is updating the District’s Strategic Plan to better align with our other planning and reporting activities (such as developing the annual budget and Consolidated Annual Report). These efforts also improve the use of the Strategic Plan as a roadmap and communication tool. This strategic planning process includes working with District staff to make recommendations on science-based solutions to regional water quality and water supply challenges, resiliency of communities at risk to riverine or coastal flooding, and other important opportunities.

The division recently led an effort to create documented procedures for District reports that are submitted to the Governor, Legislature, Florida Department of Environmental Protection or posted on the District’s website for public inspection. While preparing a report is primarily handled by the work group responsible for the topic, our strategic planners worked with staff throughout the agency to update reporting schedules, coordinate responsibilities and sources of information to ensure we produce the most effective communications about the District’s work and results.

The Strategic Planning and Initiative staff collaborate with our Governmental Affairs personnel and technical experts to address matters affecting the District’s four core missions. Taxpayers benefit from this division’s work as its staff coordinate with local government planning departments on their long-range efforts such as sector plans, comprehensive plan amendments and water supply facility work plans.

This work is complex, detailed and incredibly important, so we’re grateful for Division Director Tom Frick and his team and thank them for ensuring we are not missing a beat when it comes to protecting our precious water resources.

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