Message from Dr. Ann Shortelle

Preliminary budget reflects District’s core mission priorities on behalf of taxpayers

January 17, 2020

A District scientist uses a Secchi disk to determine water quality
A District scientist uses a Secchi disk to determine water quality as part of the District’s monitoring work along Black Creek. Funding for this work is included in the District’s fiscal year 2020-21 preliminary budget.

As we start the new calendar year, we are excited to share with the public and our lawmakers the work of the St. Johns River Water Management District through our submission of the District’s fiscal year 2020–21 preliminary budget.

The District has developed a balanced preliminary budget totaling $137.7 million for fiscal year 2020–21. This budget will continue to provide funds for water resource protection and cost-share projects to ensure sustainable water resources, increase water conservation, and protect water quality in springs and other priority water bodies. While you may be familiar with our annual final budget public hearings each September, budgeting is a year-round activity to ensure transparency and accountability. Submitting formal reports, such as this preliminary budget, at key dates throughout the year is just one way we provide an overview of our work in protecting our shared water resources.

The preliminary budget includes $21.6 million for alternative water supply projects and $53.9 million for water quality projects. These include water quality improvement projects in the Indian River Lagoon such as the restoration of the Crane Creek M-1 Canal flow to the St. Johns River, continued participation with innovative technologies to remove phosphorus from the Doctors Lake watershed and Lake Apopka, and ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the Lake Apopka Marsh Flow-Way to enhance the system’s ability to remove phosphorus and sediments. Among alternative water supply projects is construction of a pipeline and intake pump stations to enhance recharge through the Black Creek Water Resource Development Project. The preliminary budget also includes funding for constructing, operating and maintaining flood control structures and levees and restoration projects, managing and restoring District public lands, and developing and implementing minimum flows and levels prevention-recovery strategies. I invite you to review the preliminary budget on the District’s website at

Thanks to Office of Financial Services Director Mary-Lou Pickles, Budget Director Missy Licourt, and the staff in each of our divisions for their dedicated budget work. Their diligence goes a long way toward helping us fulfill our mission of protecting water and natural resources throughout the District.

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