Use of the District logo

Thank you for your interest in the District!

Use of the St. Johns River Water Management District logo is reserved for official District products and messaging in print and digital formats.

District logo over wetlandsLimited use by permission

The District limits use of its logo by other entities, groups and individuals. All approved requests will be made in writing by the District’s Office of Communications. Permission for specific uses of the logo may be granted to contractors, consultants and others who are doing authorized work on behalf of the District. The District also considers permission for logo use by state and local governments and community organizations when the District is an official sponsor or partner for projects, events, conferences and similar activities.  

How to request permission

All requests for use of the District logo should be directed to the Office of Communications at or 386-329-4297. Permission to use the District logo will be for a limited or one-time use depending on the purpose. The District reserves the right to review all documents or media in which the official logo is proposed to appear.

Reproduction of the logo

Once the okay is granted for use of the District logo, the following applies to its use:

  • Color: Whenever possible, the district logo should be reproduced in blue (Pantone 300). If you are producing a document with no color, the logo may be reproduced in black.
  • Quality: Always reproduce the logo from a digital file, not by photocopying.
  • Sizing: There are two official versions of the logo. A small logo is used at one inch in diameter or smaller. The logo with the district’s name spelled out in the outer circle is used at one inch and larger in diameter.

Again, thank you for your interest in the St. Johns River Water Management District and our work. We look forward to hearing from you.