Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

The district’s primary mission of protecting Florida’s water resources has always been about making the best decisions based on sound science, with work carried out by staff members whose backgrounds, educations and passions are rooted in one of the four STEM branches. Take a closer look at the district’s work and opportunities to participate in STEM learning.

On these pages, teachers, parents and students will find a repository of information to learn more about STEM. Learn how the district’s daily operations are founded on STEM disciplines, find links to state and federal resources, read articles and view videos that illustrate science, technology, engineering and math in the district’s work.

Blue School grant program helps pay for water resource education projects.

The Great Water OdysseySM is a fun, interactive, web-based educational program that teaches about water resources and their protection and conservation. It is available free to educators.

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