Florida is now the third most populous state with almost 22 million residents. Floridians use nearly 6.4 billion gallons of water each day. With an estimated 1,000 people moving to the state daily, residents are projected to use an additional 1 billion gallons per day by 2040.

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Person on ATV controlling a prescribed fire with water

Prescribed fire today at Black Creek Ravines Conservation Area in Clay County

The District is conducting a 298-acre prescribed burn Friday at the Black Creek Ravines Conservation Area in Clay County near Green Road and County Road 218 in Middleburg.

Orange Creek mechanical harvest Powerpoint slide

District to mechanically remove nuisance vegetation within the Orange Creek Restoration Area

The District is launching a project to mechanically harvest and remove mats of floating vegetation —and their associated nutrients — from waters within the Orange Creek Restoration Area.

Historical freshwater use chart

Annual report shows average daily water use is 115 gallons per person

Annual water use reporting conducted by the District shows that 2020 total water use was 1% lower than the five-year average but 4% higher than 2019.

District employee walking next to a fire

Prescribed burns Thursday enhance the environmental quality of District lands

The District is conducting four prescribed burns Thursday to enhance the environmental quality of District lands and reduce fuel loads and wildfire risk.

Photo of an aerial burn

Anticipate temporary closure for prescribed burn Thursday at Hal Scott Regional Preserve and Park

The District anticipates conducting a 900-acre prescribed burn Thursday at the Hal Scott Regional Preserve and Park, in Orange County.

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Understanding the value of water

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