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District staff contacts

District staff members can assist in finding answers to water resource topics and planning-related issues for elected officials and their staffs.

Cooperative funding

View information about the district’s cooperative funding program.

Comprehensive planning

Find information that addresses water supply planning in local government comprehensive plans.

Water conservation technical assistance

Learn about district technical assistance
on water conservation activities.

Flooding, hurricane information

Find tips to help prepare for storm season.

Watering restrictions

District staff registers attendees at a workshop

Local government assistance

The St. Johns River Water Management District works with state, federal and local elected or appointed officials and their staffs to address and manage water resource issues on a local basis.

The district’s partnerships with the state and local governments are as varied as the communities within the district, but all partnerships help ensure sound water resources policy and assist communities that have water resource concerns.

Permit assistance

Local governments that anticipate needing a permit for any type of project are encouraged to request a pre-application conference with the district. District permitting staff welcome the opportunity to meet in advance of a permit application submittal to discuss any concerns or information needs. Local governments can also request information on permits being applied for in their area.

Planning assistance

Florida growth management laws require coordination between local governments’ land use planning and the water management districts’ water supply planning.

District planners help local governments with water supply availability and related water resource issues throughout the comprehensive plan amendment process.

Water conservation

District staff are available to consult on water conservation topics, ideas and projects. Technical assistance is available to local governments in developing water-conserving landscape and irrigation ordinances, water conservation plans and incentives for water-conserving practices such as implementation of Florida Water StarSM.

Cost-sharing programs

Water. An essential for life.

When funds are available, the district enters into a variety of cost-share partnerships with local governments, other agencies, nonprofit groups and various entities to expand the reach of water resource protection and restoration.

In all cases, the funding or in-kind services that the district obligates are used for a program or project that is within the district’s authority under Florida law and is mutually beneficial to the district and its partners.

As an agency of the state, the district’s business is open to public inspection. To enhance the public’s ability to see how grants and cost-share or cooperative funding are utilized, the district has developed a Cooperative Funding Report tool to search cost-share projects by project name, city, county and other search parameters.

Stormwater management

Technical assistance is available to support stormwater management projects. These efforts improve water quality by contributing to the achievement of pollutant load reduction goals (PLRGs) or total maximum daily load (TMDL) allocations for identified priority pollutants.

Flood protection/emergency response

Street flooding

The district’s flood protection program complements local government efforts by focusing on regional flood issues and permitted stormwater systems. Non-regulatory activities include elimination or resolution of regional flood problems through planning and research, floodplain mapping, local government technical assistance, and construction and operation of regional flood control facilities, when necessary.

When local governments are faced with a flooding emergency, the district partners with other state agencies to assist in emergency response and recovery efforts.

Surface water partnerships

The district works closely with local governments to plan and implement projects that restore natural systems. Restoration project areas include the following:

Well plugging

Land management

Local government partnerships are very important to the success of the district’s land management program. About 60 percent of district lands are managed in cooperation with other agencies, and 98 percent of those properties are open to the public.


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