stormwater pond

Resources for community association managers

The St. Johns River Water Management District has resources to assist community association managers (CAMs) encourage environmental stewardship while realizing cost benefits. These resources include online information as well as training classes providing continuing education units accredited through the state. Training registration information is provided below.

The district currently offers two courses.

Understanding Your role in Stormwater System Function (one hour continuing education operation of the Community Association’s Physical Property and other/elective)

  • Understand why stormwater ponds are built in their communities
  • Identify important structures in their community’s stormwater system
  • Create proper maintenance and inspection schedules for the stormwater system to maintain permit compliance
  • Communicate the importance of residents’ responsibility and impact
  • Understand need for establishing reserve for stormwater infrastructure

Introduction to Efficient Landscape Irrigation (one hour continuing education operation of the Community Association’s Physical Property and other/ elective)

  • Understand the components of irrigation systems
  • Understand the connection between landscape decisions on water quality and quantity.
  • Understand that an efficient irrigation system requires
    1. Efficient design and installation
    2. Proper scheduling
    3. Frequent maintenance
  • Identify changes that can be made in their community to become more water efficient and save water and money.

To schedule a course with your office, contact Jennifer Mitchell:

Course instructors have more than 10 years experience in teaching about water resource protection and conservation in non-traditional settings.  They make the course informative and engaging. 

“My team was interested in finding out that the Florida aquifers were unique to other states. They had no idea the importance of storm water management and run off in preventing flooding during hurricanes and excess rains.  They liked the presentation as it was not too technical and yet very through for easy understanding. “

― LCAM with Vesta Property Management

“I knew what most irrigation items were but not what they were called. Now I can have an intelligent conversation with the irrigation tech. “