Flagler County Wetland Restoration Project

Updated on 5-31-2019

Project timeline

June 5, 2019Section E grading complete
May 24, 2019 Section L2 turbidity barriers removed, and section reopened to the public.
May 20, 2019Section F grading complete
May 17, 2019Section A turbidity barriers removed, and the section reopened to the public
April 19, 2019Section L1 grading complete
March 22, 2019Section L2 grading complete
March 18, 2019Fish monitoring begins
March 14, 2019Section A grading complete
Feb. 13, 2019Construction started
Jan. 31, 2019Turbidity monitoring begins
Jan. 28, 2019Opportunity for public and stakeholders to observe equipment and turbidity controls, Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area
Jan. 21, 2019Notice to Proceed effective date. Contractor mobilizes equipment.
Jan. 17, 2019Oyster monitoring begins (Photographs)
Jan. 15, 2019Water quality monitoring begins
Jan. 11, 2019Change order sent to contractor that identifies changes approved by district Governing Board on Dec. 11, 2018
Jan. 8, 2019Teleconference with partners to plan monitoring
Dec. 11, 2018Governing Board approval of the project
Dec. 5, 2018District executive leadership met with stakeholders
Nov. 27, 2018District staff attended a local stakeholder community-sponsored workshop in Palm Coast
Nov. 27, 2018Documented conditions at previously restored sites with photography
Nov. 20, 2018Documented conditions at previously restored sites with drone imagery
Nov. 17, 2018Samples for analysis of 20 pesticides collected, with results indicating no issues of concern
Nov. 16, 2018Project area tour with Flagler County commissioner-elect
Nov. 13, 2018Initiate monitoring of the site with drone imagery
Nov. 7, 2018Community workshop held
Nov. 5, 2018Community meeting information provided at Flagler County Commission meeting
Oct. 11, 2018Update to Flagler County Commission at commission meeting
Oct. 10, 2018Meetings with Flagler County and Flagler Beach commissioners
Oct. 9, 2018Monthly update to District Governing Board
Oct. 8, 2018Project area tours for Flagler County commissioners
Oct 6-7, 2018Volunteers from Gamble Rogers State Park provided project information at the Creekside Festival in Flagler County
Oct. 5, 2018Volunteers from Gamble Rogers State Park provided project information at the Flagler Beach First Friday event
Oct. 5, 2018Staff tour of the proposed and nearby restored wetlands to Flagler County Commissioner Sullivan and an additional tour to two Flagler County environmental staff.
Oct. 4, 2018Community workshop, Flagler Beach City Hall
Sept. 17, 2018Flagler County Commission workshop presentation
Sept. 14, 2018Staff launched an informational project webpage and dedicated email address, flaglerrestoration@sjrwmd.com, to share project updates
Sept. 11, 2018District Governing Board voted to commit funds to a contractor and directed staff to involve stakeholders in the development of the final project plan
Aug. 31, 2018Staff meeting with concerned citizens
Aug. 23, 2018USACE issued permit
Aug. 20, 2018Staff met with concerned citizens at Flagler Beach City Hall.
Aug. 15, 2018Received letter from the Division of Historical Resources regarding cultural and historical resources and monitoring commitment
Aug. 7, 2018Opened responses to the IFB for necessary equipment
Aug. 7, 2018FDEP permit received
July 2018Applications submitted to FDEP and USACE
June 2018Invitation for Bid issued by SJRWMD
February 2018SJRWMD notified Flagler County and East Flagler Mosquito Control District staff about proposed project
November 2017USFWS approved an extension of its grant
Mid 2017SJRWMD identified potential project site to support a request for an extension of a grant from the USFWS
2015Oyster reefs were mapped from aerial photography
Pre-2007All disturbed coastal wetlands between Jacksonville and Ponce de Leon Inlet were mapped
2003-PresentSJRWMD partnering in the restoration of more than 625 acres of dragline-impacted wetlands
1999Pilot project to restore impacted wetlands in the Mosquito Lagoon initiated in coordination with the Volusia County Mosquito Control (VCMC) and Canaveral National Seashore (CNS)
1960s-1970sDragline ditch process used in coastal marshes in Florida