Apiary lease information

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How to apply to lease property for an apiary

Florida’s honey industry is ranked in the top five in the United States. Pollinators, including honey bees, are essential for pollinating agricultural crops, and natural and managed landscapes. However, over the last four decades there has been an overall decrease in honey bee forage in the United States. Thus, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services encourages state land managers, including the St. Johns River Water Management District, to lease small parcels within public lands for apiaries. The district has developed a revenue producing lease program that provides many benefits, including:

  • Increased number of pollinators on district lands
  • Minimizing district expenses by increasing revenue from non-governmental sources to off-set district management, maintenance and resource protection costs
  • Minimizing impacts to the local agricultural economy by keeping viable lands in active agricultural production

New properties suitable for apiary operations are competitively bid by the district pursuant to Florida Statute 373.093. An Invitation to Submit Offer (ITO) is advertised by the district on the district website for available properties. A Notice of Intent to lease will also be published in a newspaper in the county in which said land is situated. Leases will be awarded to the responsive and responsible bidder with the highest offer per site. Properties already under lease will be reviewed by the district for consideration of opening the property up for bid by region and the current lessee will be given a minimum of 30 days notice to vacate the property prior to new lease award. Current ITOs are identified below. The table displays the most recent “Invitation to Submit Offer” based upon “broadcast date” first. Persons/firms obtaining solicitation documents from this site shall be responsible to visit this webpage for any changes, delays or addenda related to the ITO. Each ITO will provide an Exhibit identifying the location of the property.

Broadcast Date Identifier LRS # Date Offer Due Property Name/Description
of Potential Lease
Sept. 15, 2022 LRS 2382 Oct. 12, 2022 Fourteen 0.25-acre sites over District’s properties known as Pellicer Creek, Moses Creek, Deep Creek, Horseshoe Point, Murphy Creek and Dunns Creek Conservation Areas in Flagler, St. Johns, and Putnam County, Florida, respectively.
June. 15, 2022 LRS 2346 July 28, 2022 Thirteen 0.25-acre sites over District properties known as Thomas Creek, Bayard, Black Creek and Gourd Island Conservation Areas in Nassau, Duval, Clay and St. Johns County, Florida respectively.
Lease Awarded
Feb. 10, 2022 LRS 2297 March 9, 2022 0.25 acres over SJRWMD Campus Parcels – Egan Ranch
Lease Awarded
Sept. 2, 2021 LRS 2251 Oct. 6, 2021 Lake Jesup Conservation Area in Seminole County and Hal Scott Regional Preserve and Park in Orange County
Lease Awarded
Feb. 25, 2021 LRS 2123 March 30, 2021 Buck Lake and Seminole Ranch Conservation Areas located in Volusia, Brevard and Orange County, Florida. Thank you.
Lease Awarded
Feb. 18, 2021 LRS 2116 March 26, 2021 Micco Water Management Area and Three Forks Conservation Area in the District’s Southern Region in Brevard County, Florida
Lease Awarded
Jan. 27, 2021 LRS 2106 Feb. 16, 2021 District’s C-54 and Fort Drum Conservation Areas in the District’s Southern Region in Indian River County, Florida.
Lease Awarded
Dec. 14, 2018 LRS 1532 Jan. 24, 2019 District’s West Region Conservation Areas in Alachua, Putnam and Marion counties.
Lease Awarded
Dec. 14, 2018 LRS 1531 Jan. 21, 2019 District’s North Central Region Conservation Area in Lake County and Marion County, Florida.
Lease Awarded
April 10, 2018 LRS 1403 May 17, 2018 District’s North Central Region Conservation Area.
Lease Awarded