Canaveral Marshes Conservation Area


This 12,644-acre conservation area was acquired to help protect the St. Johns River floodplain. The river elevation drops an average of only one foot per five miles on this property, which includes approximately 20 to 25 miles of river shoreline. The low gradient and large floodplain allow the St. Johns River to function as a water storage area, serving as a natural regulator during high and low water stages. The Tosohatchee State Reserve lies to the south and west. The Florida Trail Association has established hiking trails in the area.

Wildlife viewing

Please respect Florida’s wildlife and use caution while visiting district lands. These are wild animals. For your safety, do not approach or feed any wild animal. The marshes provide habitat for a diverse population of fish and wildlife, including numerous migratory and resident wading birds and waterfowl, alligators and many listed species.

Recreational activities
  1. Fishing, hiking, bicycling, canoeing, boating and wildlife viewing.
  2. Boating and canoeing opportunities are available on the St. Johns River; however, there are no launches located on the property.
  3. Geocache located on property. Please visit our geocache database for more information.

By boat ramps along SR 520 (Lone Cabbage Fish Camp) and the Brevard County Park ramp. Boat ramps are also available along SR 50 (Orange County public boat ramp and Midway Fish Camp).