Econlockhatchee Sandhills Conservation Area


This 706-acre property protects almost 1.5 miles of the Econlockhatchee River and its associated floodplain and uplands. Visitors will be able to traverse sandhills to pine flatwoods to swamp and the river within a short distance.

Wildlife viewing

Please respect Florida’s wildlife and use caution while visiting district lands. These are wild animals. For your safety, do not approach or feed any wild animal. This is a good place to see white-tailed deer, turkeys, gopher tortoise, and a wide variety of birds.

Recreational activities
  1. Recreational activities include hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and wildlife viewing.
  2. Geocache located on property. Please visit our geocache database for more information.

Parking area is on the north side of Lake Pickett Road (County Road 420), approximately 2.5 miles north of State Road 50, east of Orlando.