Twelve Mile Swamp Conservation Area

Please note: The trailhead at this property will be closed for safety reasons beginning Jan. 15, 2019 while a timber sale is conducted.


The 20,338-acre Twelve Mile Swamp Conservation Area is composed of a series of large swamps, planted pine forest and several small cypress domes. Together, the swamps of this conservation area form the headwaters of six major tributary systems. Three of these tributaries, Turnbull Creek, Mill Creek and Sampson Creek, discharge into the St. Johns River. Two others, Moultrie Creek and Red House Branch, discharge into the Matanzas River, while Stokes Creek discharges into the Tolomato River. Preservation of this site serves to protect the water quality and quantity of these creek systems and benefits the groundwater and water supply for this area of St. Johns County.

Twelve Mile Swamp Conservation Area is also home to a 378-acre recreation area. This recreation area includes 2.2 miles of trail — including a 1.6-mile loop trail — that is accessible to hiking, bicycling and equestrian use. The remainder of the conservation area is under a timber reservation with restricted public access until 2025, at which time further public recreational opportunities will be addressed.

Recreational activities
  1. Hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and wildlife viewing.
Wildlife viewing

Please respect Florida’s wildlife and use caution while visiting district lands. These are wild animals. For your safety, do not approach or feed any wild animal. Common wildlife sightings include white-tailed deer, foxes, songbirds and a variety of snakes.


The Twelve Mile Swamp Conservation Area is located on International Golf Parkway, just west of U.S. 1.