District cost-share funding

The St. Johns River Water Management District offers several cost-sharing programs throughout the year for projects that assist in creating sustainable water resources, provide flood protection and enhance conservation efforts. Funding may be available for local governments, agricultural interests and other entities.

In general, projects considered for funding shall benefit one or more of the four district core mission areas, including:

Purple pipes coming out of the ground

Water supply

Projects might include water conservation, alternative water supply development or water resource development.

Aluminum sulfate storage tanks

Water quality

Projects might include water quality/nutrient-loading reduction.

Pump station at Lake Apopka North Shore marsh flow-way

Natural systems restoration

Projects should show measurable resource benefits to streams, lakes, wetlands, springs or aquifers.

Aerial of the Fellsmere Grade Recreation Area

Flood protection

Projects should address flood protection issues on a local, intermediate or regional scale.


This program is open to all applicants with a project that benefits one of the four district core missions but is not an O&M or innovative project.


This program is open to all applicants with an innovative project or for REDI communities with projects (including O&M) that benefit one of the four district core missions with a maximum ask of $500,000.

Agricultural cost-share

The district’s agricultural cost-share program seeks to engage farmers, growers and ranchers in shared goals of water conservation and reduction of nutrient run-off.

AWS and water conservation cost-share opportunity

Entities with regional alternative water supply projects identified in the Central Florida Water Initiative, North Florida Regional Water Supply Partnership, and Central Springs/East Coast Water Supply Planning regions, and in an approved MFL Recovery and Prevention Strategies, were invited to submit for cost-share funding opportunities. The submittal process closed on Aug. 7, 2020 at 4 p.m.

Indian River Lagoon cost-share opportunity

Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature approved $25 million in funding for fiscal year 2020–21 for water quality improvement projects that specifically benefit the Indian River Lagoon (IRL). The St. Johns River and South Florida water management districts accepted submittals for through Aug. 21, 2020.

Help available to identify water system failures needed for grant applications

Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) communities are eligible for funding for operation and maintenance activities and local flood protection projects for the district’s cost-share funding program. Often, the first step in developing an application that properly addresses operation and/or maintenance shortcomings of water and wastewater systems is to identify and quantify system failures and resulting needs. The Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA) is one resource available to assist with system assessments.

FRWA provides technical assistance to water and wastewater systems operators across Florida. FRWA helps water and wastewater utilities to stay in compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the water management districts. FRWA will help train water utilities employees to perform water audits using a water audit spreadsheet.

Learn more about FRWA http://www.frwa.net/ or contact:

Main telephone:

Tom Gustafson — Management — Financial Circuit Rider — Central and South Florida

Fred Handy — DEP State Circuit Rider — Northeast DEP Circuit Rider

David Hanna — DEP State Circuit Rider — DEP Central District