District dollars help coastal communities with numerous projects that help their communities become more resilient. These cost-share funds are available for local governments, utilities, agriculture and other stakeholders and projects that relate to addressing one or more of four core missions of the district: water supply, water quality, natural system restoration and flood protection. In coastal communities these projects provide added benefit when considering the potential impacts of sea-level rise.

A box culvert under construction
Pumps and purple pipes out in a field
Aerial of a stormwater park under construction
CountyProjectProject noteTotal costDistrict share
Nassau CountyRestoration of Thomas Creek Phase 7 and 8 to alleviate flooding adjacent to creek515 acres protected from flooding$1,000,000$1,000,000
Nassau CountyFernandina Beach Swale Program47.75 acres protected from flooding and allow local nutrient removal$625,000$575,000
St. Johns CountyBox culvert replacement and drainage improvements at Oyster Creek700 acres protected from flooding$986,835$425,656
St. Johns CountySt. Augustine Davis Shores Tidal Backflow Preventers380 acres protected from flooding$591,000$195,030
St. Johns CountySt. Augustine Macaris Outfall Flood Protection Project22 acres protected from flooding through stormwater system retrofits and installing tidal backflow preventors$184,081$60,747
St. Johns CountySt. Augustine Lincolnville Drainage Improvements
Improved stormwater conveyance and storage for water quality benefit
Flagler CountyPalm Coast Flood Control Structure L-1 and K-11,769 acres protected from flooding by reconstruction and remote monitoring of weir$700,000$700,000
Flagler CountyImprove infrastructure associated with Bunnell stormwater and sanitary sewer Repair, replace, and rehabiliate infrastructure$462,000$462,000
Flagler CountyFlagler Beach Ocean Palm Subdivision Stormwater Improvement84 acres protected from flooding$875,000$675,000
Flagler CountyFlagler County Malacompra Basin Project Phase 1Flood control and nutrient reduction project $2,550,160$500,000
Flagler CountyPalm Coast flood control structure BS-2 2,290 acres protected from flooding by replacing flood control structure$334,000$334,000
Volusia CountySouth Daytona Jones Street Stormwater Improvement wet detention pond builtWet detention system for water quality benefit and flood protection$399,810$112,137
Volusia CountyRehydration and conservation of Bennett SwampDiversion of treated wastewater from Halifax River$5,336,544$1,761,060
Volusia CountyVolusia County Rio Way Drainage Improvements129 acres protected from flooding and nutrient removal from stormwater$1,660,789$548,060
Volusia CountyNew Smyrna Beach Islesboro Stormwater Improvement Project446 acres protected from flooding by construction of stormwater collection and treatment system $7,424,000$2,449,920
Brevard CountyBrevard County Oyster Reef Living ShorelinesConstructing six reefs totaling 2,360 linear feet, improving water quality and providing protection from storm surge$310,000$60,000
Indian River CountyFellsmere South Regional LakeThis project will improve water quality by allowing sediments to settle and plants to utilize nutrients from stormwater $785,187$500,000
Indian River CountyOsprey Acres Stormwater ParkConstructing 83 acre Stormwater park for nutrient removal$7,436,921$1,220,250