Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva, Clay and Bradford Counties

Lake Brooklyn taken from the highway 21 bridge

Lake Brooklyn, in Clay County, and Lake Geneva, in Bradford County, are sandhill lakes within the upper Etonia Creek chain of lakes. The St. Johns River Water Management District is currently completing a reevaluation of minimum levels for both systems, which were originally adopted in January 1996. Both lakes are on the district’s MFLs Priority List and Schedule for adoption in 2018.

The 1996 MFLs were based on a methodology designed to maintain the location of existing stable wetlands and organic soils. However, stable wetlands and organic soils do not exist at these sandhill lakes. A reevaluation is necessary to ensure that appropriate, protective minimum levels are developed. The reevaluation includes an investigation of numerous criteria to ensure that proposed minimum levels would protect important environmental values and beneficial uses.

The draft MFLs for lakes Brooklyn and Geneva have undergone independent scientific peer review. Stakeholder meetings and development of draft MFLs for these systems is ongoing.

Draft Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva MFLs Report

Draft Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva MFLs Report Appendices:

MFLs determination and assessment webinar for Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva, Sept. 24, 2020

Map of the water bodies in the Keystone Heights area