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May 18, 2018

At their May 8 meeting, District Governing Board members approved a resolution recognizing the week of May 1319 as Florida Water Reuse Week.

At their May 8 meeting, District Governing Board members approved a resolution recognizing the week of May 13-19 as Florida Water Reuse Week.

Message from the Executive Director

Florida Reuse Week recognizes the many benefits of reclaimed water

Many of us in Florida have seen purple pipes in our neighborhoods, but do you know the importance they play in helping to extend Florida’s water supplies? That was a focus this week as the District joined others around the state in recognizing Florida Water Reuse Week.

Using reclaimed water — wastewater that has been highly treated to remove harmful organisms and substances so it can be reused for beneficial purposes — is not new to Florida. In fact, we’re a leader in the nation, with Florida’s first reuse system installed in Tallahassee in 1966. Its use has grown to the point that all major theme parks in the Orlando area use reclaimed water — part of the 142 reuse systems in our District, and 478 statewide.

Reclaimed water is already used for irrigating residential lots, golf courses and other green spaces; groundwater recharge, environmental enhancement and industrial purposes. I’m excited that reuse projects are among the projects the District continues to fund through its Cost-Share Funding Program, which provides financial assistance to entities developing innovative treatment technologies to produce alternative water supplies.

Thanks to our many local government partners, utilities and others who are investigating and implementing projects to expand the use of reclaimed water. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Airboat access limited during work at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

Two airboat crossings within the Seminole Ranch Conservation Area will be temporarily closed beginning June 1 while the district installs block mats, which will help to further stabilize the crossings. During the closure, airboats should take the Snake Creek Channel to the east of the observation tower to travel to and from the south end of Loughman Lake.

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New web resources for communities, residents and homeowner’s associations

We’re committed to helping those in our communities find the information they need to help us conserve and protect Florida’s natural resources. A new one-stop page on the district’s website features the answers to questions we most frequently receive from the public, such as water-efficient landscaping and plant choices, tips for saving water indoors and outdoors, and an overview of stormwater systems and the purpose they serve in your neighborhood. Other resources are currently in development. Visit www.sjrwmd.com/hoa-resources.

Water conservation tip

Faucet aerators can help save water. These circular screened disks, usually made of metal, are screwed onto the head of the faucet to reduce flow. For example, if your existing bathroom faucet flows above 2.2 gallons per minute, install a low-flow aerator or replace the faucet with a model that uses 1.5 gallons per minute or less.

This week in district social media

If you aren’t following the district on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, here are some of the things you may have missed this week….

  • Thanks to district staffers Danielle Spears, Kimberli Ponzio and Randy Snyder for submitting photos and information this week.
  • We’re not going to let a little rain get in the way of sharing about the district’s work. Shout out to district environmental scientist Pam Livingston, who Monday was among district staff working with a delegation from Taiwan and @UF’s School of Remote Sensing — our 20th year participating. The group visited the district’s Dog Branch (Edgefield) Regional Stormwater Treatment wetlands to learn about regional stormwater treatment, agricultural cost-share opportunities, and learned about the district’s mission and projects overview.
  • If it’s rained in the past few days, you don’t need to run your irrigation system. More water conservation tips at sjrwmd.com/water-conservation/savingwater/outdoors

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