Water conservation materials for local governments and utilities

The St. Johns River Water Management District is excited to share materials for Water Less, a year-long campaign that promotes seasonally appropriate outdoor water conservation. We invite you to join us in spreading the water conservation message. With irrigation systems accounting for about half of a home’s total water use, your constituents and customers — homeowners and business owners — are our natural allies in water conservation.

Throughout the year, the Water Less conservation focus shifts each season to reflect the unique water needs of Florida lawns and landscaping.

From June through September, our summer Water Less campaign theme focuses on “Watch the weather, wait to water” — a reminder in Florida’s typical rainy summer that there’s a good chance Mother Nature will water for you.

The materials on this page were created for download and use by our partners in local government, utilities and other stakeholder groups. Feel free to add your own branding as appropriate.

Please let us know how you are using these messages to engage homeowners and join our conversation by tagging us #sjrwmd and using #waterlessflorida on your social media channels.

Questions can be directed to our Water Conservation Coordinator Deirdre Irwin at dirwin@sjrwmd.com or 386-329-4341. Thank you for helping us raise #WaterLess #WaterLessFlorida awareness!

Water Less – "Did you set it and forget it?" materials

Water Less Web Banner

Water Less banner with Azaleas

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Downloadable materials

Water conservation quick guide graphic
In-ground irrigation systems brochure front cover
Irrigation Rule brochure front cover
Watering restrictions door hanger
Watering restrictions card graphic
Turf grass ruler card
Home watering restrictions magnet graphic
When can I water sticker graphic
Water less watering restrictions sticker graphic

Water Less – "Skip a Week" materials