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Lake Jesup Conservation Area

Lake Jesup Conservation Area Photo

6,220 acres, divided into three different areas around Lake Jesup.


Lake Jesup is in Seminole County, south of Sanford and north of Oviedo.


Initially, the North Lake Jesup Tract and the Marl Bed Flats Tract were purchased to meet legislative requirements established for mitigation of the Seminole County portion of the Eastern Beltway. Now, along with the East Lake Jesup Tract, these lands contribute to the enhancement and protection of water resources and increased flood protection and the protection of ecological functions and habitats in the Lake Jesup area. The Marl Bed Flats Tract was jointly acquired with Seminole County, and the county’s Wilderness Park with boat ramp is located on the southwest corner of this tract. Lake Jesup is mostly composed of floodplain wetlands and wooded hammocks.

Wildlife viewing:

Please respect Florida’s wildlife and use caution while visiting district lands. These are wild animals. For your safety, do not approach or feed any wild animal. There are many eagles, ospreys, hawks and alligators around the shores of Lake Jesup, as well as numerous egrets, ibis and great blue herons. The restoration of natural systems will improve the habitat and feeding areas for a wide variety of waterfowl.

Wildlife Viewing Hiking Horseback Riding Biking
Recreational activities:
  1. Hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing. more info
  2. Boating and canoeing opportunities are available on Lake Jesup and the St. Johns River; however, there are no launches located in the area.
Restrictions: more info
  1. Motorized vehicles are not permitted.

To Marl Bed Flats Tract: From State Road (SR) 46, approximately four miles east of U.S. 17, turn south on Cameron Avenue, west on Kentucky Street, south on Bison Avenue, west on Pine Way Road, south on South Mellonville Avenue and east on Oakway Lane to the parking area. To East Lake Jesup Tract: From SR 426, turn north on Van Arsdale Street, west on Florida Avenue and north on Elm Street to the parking area.

For more information:

Call the district’s Bureau of Land Resources at 386-329-4404.


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