Announcements and property closures

District camping notice

Camping areas on district lands throughout its 18 counties reopened May 22, 2020. The district reminds visitors to follow all social distancing and health advisories, following guidance from the state of Florida and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Take drinking water, insect repellent and hand sanitizer.

Following is a list of properties that are closed or have portions closed due to ongoing land management activities. We regret the temporary inconvenience, but the closures are necessary for public safety. If you have concerns or comments about any of these activities, please contact us at or 386-329-4404.

Bayard Conservation Area

Updated on 3-30-2020

Due to the extension of the First Coast Expressway, FDOT has taken ownership of the State Road (SR) 16 road frontage of Bayard Conservation Area, including both of the current parking areas off of SR 16. FDOT and its contractors have begun clearing the property purchased from the district in 2019 to accommodate the new Shands Bridge and the First Coast Expressway. As a result, the western parking lot at Bayard was closed permanently on Feb. 15, 2020. The district has constructed a new parking lot just interior of the current eastern parking lot and the new parking area is large enough to accommodate both regular vehicular parking as well as horse trailers. The district anticipates opening the new parking lot at a date to be determined. Until that time, visitors should use the eastern parking lot to access the conservation area.

Also, FDOT assures the district that access to the conservation area will not be impacted during the construction of the Expressway and the new Shands Bridge.

Blue Cypress Conservation Area

Posted 3-25 2020

The levees adjacent to the water control structure known as S-96C in the headwaters of the St. Johns River in Indian River County are closed to public access until further notice. The district is currently refurbishing the structure and issued the closure for safety reasons.