Announcements and property closures

Following is a list of properties that are closed or have portions closed due to ongoing land management activities. We regret the temporary inconvenience, but the closures are necessary for public safety. If you have concerns or comments about any of these activities, please contact us at or 386-329-4404.

Bayard Conservation Area

Posted 8-23-2018

Bayard Conservation Area will be undergoing some changes beginning in the next coming weeks and months. Due to the upcoming extension of the First Coast Expressway, FDOT has taken ownership of the SR 16 road frontage of Bayard Conservation Area, this includes both of the current parking areas off of SR 16. Over the next couple months SJRWMD will be constructing a new parking lot just interior of the current eastern parking lot and the new parking area will be large enough to accommodate both regular vehicular parking as well as horse trailers. FDOT assures us that at no time during the construction of the Expressway and the new Shands Bridge, will public access to Bayard impacted.

Posted 11-13-2017

A 63-acre timber harvest began at the end of 2017 and will be complete by the end of 2018, weather permitting. As a result of the heavy equipment coming and going, portions of the white and yellow trails will be closed throughout the project (see map). A map and additional information will be posted at the Bayard trailheads. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Fellsmere Water Management Area

The district anticipates completing a city of Fellsmere site development approval process for a Fellsmere Water Management Area boat ramp by early February 2019. The district will submit a funding application to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for a fiscal year 2019–2020 Florida Boating Improvement Program (FBIP) grant. The application period for this grant runs from February until April 2019, with the FBIP ranking results announced in June 2019. Based on the ranking results of the FBIP grant, construction of the Fellsmere Water Management Area boat ramp is anticipated to commence in late summer/early fall 2019. See map at right, where the yellow star indicates the approximate location of proposed boat ramp.

Non-motorized public recreational access is currently available to the 4,189-acre Fellsmere Area 1 Public Small Game Hunting Area portion of Fellsmere Water Management Area.

Silver Springs Forest Conservation Area

Posted 10-3-2018

A hydrologic restoration project is underway at Silver Springs Forest Conservation Area. An improved water control structure will be installed at the Half Mile Creek crossing located just northeast of the C.R. 326 trailhead. During the construction of this structure, the C.R. 326 trailhead will be closed for public safety.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Posted 3-24-2017

On hold due to weather but will resume when conditions permit.

Three areas of planted pines, totaling 218 acres, within Silver Springs Forest Conservation Area will undergo a first thinning (see map). Both the Red and White trails will be impacted by the work. Please be careful of logging trucks coming and going.

Thomas Creek Conservation Area

Posted 3-24-2017

Multiple areas within Thomas Creek Conservation Area will have forestry operations occurring over the next year (see map). When work is underway, please be careful with the logging trucks entering and exiting the property. This work could impact hunting within the Wildlife Management Area and the White trail. The contract will be complete by the end of 2018, weather permitting.

Twelve-Mile Swamp Conservation Area

Posted 1-14-2019

The trailhead at this property (440 International Golf Parkway, St. Augustine) will be closed beginning Jan. 15, 2019, for the public’s safety. The closure is expected to be for approximately six weeks for a timber sale. Rayonier, who holds a timber lease from the district through 2025 on the property, will conduct the timber sale.