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Citrix Receiver

Citrix is a web application that provides remote access to many district applications (i.e. ArcGIS and E-Regulatory System) and other network resources.

How to handle vehicular accidents

NOTE: If an incident occurs that involves bodily injury, property damage or damage to a vehicle, the operator shall report the incident to the authorities immediately.


Email can be accessed from any computer on the Internet by opening a browser and going to and entering your district network ID followed by “” and your password. (Your district network ID is only 8 characters; this is not to be confused with your email address that may have more than 8 characters.)

Emergency notices

District employees will be notified through the ECN SmartNotice system regarding emergencies, office closings, etc. ECN SmartNotice will contact employees through email and telephone numbers as registered with ECN SmartNotice.

To update your contact information, contact the IT Customer Service Desk.


To report a lost or stolen P-card (weekends, holidays and after hours), call 888-449-2273.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Virtual Private Networking will give you access to the agency network file shares. VPN is set up on all district laptops.

VPN is available on district Apple iPads and iPhones and must be configured. After configuration has been completed by IT, you can enable it by selecting Settings then sliding the VPN button to the on position.

Employee hotline

Employees can call 855-606-4911 to get the last recorded message during storms or other emergency situations.

Voice mail

Voice mail can be accessed by dialing 386-643-1999. You will be prompted for your extension number and your password followed by the # key.

eReg access

Staff can access eReg from outside the district’s network by following the instructions in the document below. If you do not have a cell phone number in your profile, an email will be sent to your district email address.