Understanding the value of water
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Seek and ye shall find

In this place where the sultry air hangs thick and the sun struggles to penetrate the hardwood canopy overhead, the only sound is the staccato percussion of a nearby woodpecker. Oh, and a group of chipper biologists chatting and unloading their equipment — handheld nets, binoculars, waders and notebooks — eager to explore this sultry corner of Florida where critters squirm, sting and bite.

Project means cleaner water in the Indian River Lagoon

While seemingly unremarkable to passing motorists, this project is something akin to roadside laparoscopic surgery. Precision is the key word here. It’s a state-of-the-art sewer pipe installation by Timothy Rose Contracting that will help boost the economy of Sebastian’s commercial district and more importantly, yield a measurable impact on the health of the nearby Indian River Lagoon.