Understanding the value of water

Water conservation: Everyday people are helping to make every drop count

It may be diminutive in size, but Deborah Weaver’s backyard is a private oasis of sun-dappled groundcover, broad-leafed potted plants and clusters of bromeliads. A towering oak presides over the setting, creating a sense of being in a cozy terrarium.

Caring for natural resources

The district’s main charge is to protect Florida’s water resources, but sometimes it can only be accomplished by buying land on, near, or surrounding a key water feature. As a result, the public benefits by having access to some of the most breathtaking and oftentimes undisturbed vistas in all of Florida.

Accommodating nature’s ‘sweetest’ worker, the honey bee

In this place where the sultry air hangs thick and the sun struggles to penetrate the hardwood canopy overhead, the only sound is the staccato percussion of a nearby woodpecker. Oh, and a group of chipper biologists chatting and unloading their equipment — handheld nets, binoculars, waders and notebooks — eager to explore this sultry corner of Florida where critters squirm, sting and bite.

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