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STEM and education

The Great Water OdysseySM

Weather station

Fourth-grade curriculum

It’s hot, and it looks like Olliewood is drying up. But Hydro and Agua are not discouraged. In the fourth-grade version of The Great Water OdysseySM, they unlock the secrets of water, learning that it is everywhere, even when it can’t be seen.

Students learn about habitats, watersheds, history, the aquifer system and how humans affect water and Florida’s environment. They unlock games along the way, including Fish Chomp, Build a Beast and Math Maze.

Natural aquatic habitats

Hydro and Agua are ready to rain, so they’re happy to meet Plop, a rather overexcited waterdrop who takes them to a watershed in Florida. But there’s a drought going on, and Raleigh Otter shows our heroes why that’s a big deal in the food chains of Florida’s estuaries, wetlands, lakes and rivers.

Water in everything

When Agua challenges Hydro to find a single item in a grocery store that doesn’t require water in its making, he learns an important lesson — everything requires water. In the checkout lane, we learn how much water is required to make french fries and other foods. An X-ray view of the human body shows us how water is used by the brain, lungs and other body parts.

Ramon’s Time Machine

Water through the ages

After accidentally stumbling into a time machine, Hydro and Agua end up helping Ramon the Raccoon collect artifacts from Florida’s history. They help assemble stories about the state’s inhabitants in the 1500s, 1800s and 1900s. Along the way, the adventurers discover how the state’s earliest inhabitants used water and how things changed over the years.

Aquifer travels

Bored? Splat knows where there’s a party going on, and she takes Hydro and Agua underground on a wild ride through the aquifer. There they meet up with other drops to learn how water travels underground and replenishes Florida’s number one water source. As they explore an interactive landscape, they learn that groundwater impacts the surface in many ways, through lake levels, wells and springs.

If they can get enough points, Hydro and Agua can bring the rain that Olliewood so desperately needs. Can they do it? Only with your help.

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