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STEM and education

The Great Water OdysseySM

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Each grade level of The Great Water OdysseySM contains fun and educational games for students to play. A sample of these arcade games has been placed on this website for you to use and play.

The Cloud Game

The Cloud Game

Help Hydro form water molecules to make a cloud and then make it rain. This game takes eye/hand coordination and speed to intercept the water molecules and form a cloud before the sun evaporates the molecules. This game is based on the water cycle and is a fun way to reinforce the concepts of evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

Concentration Game

Concentration Game

Test your memory skills and find the matching squares. After a match is made, a water conservation tip is given to help you learn how to conserve water in your home.

Standard System Measurement Game

Standard System Measurement Game

Travel to space with Raleigh Otter and help refill his spaceship’s water tank. This game teaches and tests your knowledge about standard liquid measurements.

Fish Chomp Game

Fish Chomp

The rule is “eat or be eaten” as you learn the basics of the food chain and test your eye/hand coordination. Start as the smallest fish in the sea, avoid predators and catch the food, and you just might become the top predator.

Math Maze Game

Math Maze

Test your math skills and help Hydro find his way through the aquifer to the karaoke party. The party is at the end of the maze, but you must answer math questions along the way in order to avoid being sucked up by the many wells.

Connect The Pipes Game

Connect the Pipes

It’ll take strategy and quick thinking to bring Alice the Alligator’s plants back to life. Act quick, connect the pipes and don’t waste water, or you just might flood Alice’s house.

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